Mount Litera Zee School, Gwalior
Near By pass Four Lane circle, mumbai agra highway, Gwalior 474005
Madhya Pradesh 474005
Phone: 8370002302 (Mob:-8370002301/03)

(Under the Aegis of Zee Learn Ltd.)

Admissions Open
session (2023-24)

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An educator is a person who plays a pivotal role in molding a student’s life. Mount Litera Zee School, Gwalior has highly qualified educators with rich experience in the field of education. With their efficiency and enthusiasm to create nation builders, the educators work hard to inculcate reading and writing habits in each student. The educators act as a booster to develop the high level of confidence and communication skills in an individual.

Our educators impart not only academic knowledge, but also share ethical values, and imbibe morality that shapes the students’ personality as a better human being. The school is their second home, and children their family, as our educators follow students through each stage of development i.e. from early childhood, middle childhood to adolescence. The educators of MLZS help in the development of motor skills, cognitive development, social and emotional development etc.

The educators of MLZS use a variety of methods to teach which include Teacher – Centered Approach to Learning, Student- Centered Approach to Learning and High Tech Approach to Learning.

As a nation builders, our educators are the building blocks of society with immense patience, tolerance, and a bright shimmering smile.